A Coruna cruise destinationWelcome to the Cruise port guide of A Coruña. This city of about 250.000 inhabitants is the Galicia’s wealthiest city and until recently the largest city and capital of the region. A Coruna still holds a certain statues in Galicia and many would still call this the best city to visit in the area. It has a certain charm to it that in unequaled by any city. It’s promenade, lighthouse and cuisine make it something unique that hopefully every body will get to experience while here. Galicia is completely different than the rest of Spain. Galicia is located above Portugal on the Atlantic ocean and because of its geographical position you could imagine the climate is much different. Therefore Galicia is often described as green Spain. Even culturally things are different here compared to the rest of Spain. Santiago de Compostella is religious site known throughout the world for its importance as pilgrim site. Easy days in town roaming around the town, on your way to the religious sights or enjoying the beautiful landscapes, it is up to you.