Cruise-Aarhus-CreekWelcome to the Aarhus cruise port guide. Aarhus is Denmark’s 2nd largest city with 250.000 inhabitants. It is a place well known for its schools and universities and it has a unique atmosphere because of it. They say Aarhus is the oldest big city of Scandinavia. It was established in the 8th century. The Vikings settled at the mouth of the river Aros centuries ago and their presence is still visible today. The city centre they build is basically still in the same place as where you can find it today. The topic of vikings and many other historical topics like these are found in the different museums of Aarhus. The famous canal cutting the city in two is called the Aarhus Creek. It starts near the cruise terminal. If you follow it it will bring you by (or nearby) the most famous attractions of the town. See the beautiful canals, visit the renowned Aros art museum, walk through the cutest streets in town and end up at the open-air museum. Aarhus is best to be explored by foot. Go from cute back alleys, to Danish design road, to high end shopping streets within minutes. Find out what there is to see and do in Aarhus underneath.