Ajaccio cruise destination Welcome to the Ajaccio cruise port guide. With 65.000 inhabitants Ajaccio is the capital city of the island of Corsica. This adorable small town has a yacht-packed marina, a buzzing centre filled with history and quaint streets that fill all your shopping wishes. Ajaccio doesn’t feel 100 percent French. It is quite hard to say what it is exactly, but this also makes it a very unique spot. When you talk about Ajaccio there is 1 person in particular that needs to be mentioned: Napoleon Bonaparte. It is the famous, honored French military leader known throughout the world for various accomplishments under various reputations. He was born in Ajaccio in 1769. His birth house, church etc still stand in the town today. Therefore it is quite hard not to get acquainted with this man’s fascinating life story. Aside from all the history combined in this town there is an immense dramatic coastline not far from Ajaccio. Other than that are the wonderful little towns, the striking Prunelli Gorge and Cargese in the area that are just a true gem to explore. The options are definitely there. Either stay in town and have an easy day or make the most out of your day and explore the country side, coastline and villages of Corsica.