Cruise port Alesund Welcome to the Ålesund cruise port guide. Ålesund is a city in Norway with about 45.000 inhabitants. It is a famous fishing port in the country, although it is most famous for its Art Nouveau style. In the night of 23rd of January 1904 a fire broke out and it completely destroyed the city centre. Out of 12.000 people that lived in Alesund, 10.000 were left homeless within one night. When the German troops under the command of Wilhelm Keizer arrived for support they chose to rebuild the city in the Art Nouveau or Jugendstil style. It took them 7 years to rebuild it all, but the result is amazing. Alesund is rather small although it is officially considered to be a city. There are a couple of nice places to visit in town although there are definitely some sights outside of town you don’t want to miss. The area of Alesund is dotted with islands. The ice ages ripped the land apart and created thousands of islands that you can visit today. Go to the islands of Godoy or Giske for the ultimate Norwegian experience or hop to the other islands where you can find the famous open air museum or aquarium. Find out underneath what it is you want to do in this Cruise Port Guide Ålesund – Norway.