Barbados cruise port

Welcome to the Bridgetown – Barbados cruise port guide. Barbados is known for its natural beauty and attractions. It is the only island in the Lesser Antilles that is non-volcanic. Barbados measures about 21 by 14 mile. Small hills are dotted with Georgian-style houses that remind us of a time when Barbados would bring in immense wealth for the British Empire. Your cruise ship will dock on the west side. This is were we find the beautiful white beaches in contrast with the rocky east side. Bridgetown is the capital with approximately 110.000 inhabitants. The busy streets are packed with great shops. For some lovely bounty time we would however advise you to get out of town and visit one of the many beaches, coves, hills or golf courses! Learn how to get further afield in the Barbados cruise port guide.

Barbados cruise port – fast fact

– Cruise ships dock at Barbados deepwater harbour
– Barbados’s cruise port is 1 mile from Bridgetown
– Large cruise terminal available at the dock
– Lots of transportation options at the cruise terminal
– Free wi-fi in port