Cruise Destination Colombo Welcome to the Colombo cruise port guide. At the heart of the Indian Ocean we find Sri Lanka with its capital city Colombo. Sri Lanka is known as the “undiscovered country” or “pearl of the Indian ocean”. You will find endless beaches, timeless ruines, welcoming people and the world famous tea here. It truly is an island you are going to fall in love with. It has so much to offer that a day is simply not enough. But while you are here why not try to get a taste for this destination. You have plenty of options. Visit the cultural capital of Kandy or Galle with its incredible history. Befriend an elephant or two at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage or simply stay in town to get acquainted with the local way of life. Colombo’s history is a vibrant one. The arrival of the European superpower in medieval times would kick off a struggle that would last for centuries and would only end recently. The Portuguese, the Dutch and the British have left their mark on Sri Lanka and Colombo. These are still visible especially in the district in front of the ship called Fort Colombo. Inland, where the British would introduce tea production to the island, is where the imported Tamil labourers from India and Sinhalese descent would work the plantations eventually causing the first spark that would lead to one of the biggest civil wars the world has ever seen. Recently the issues have been resolved and it is clearly visible from every corner of the island that the inhabitants of Sri Lanka are on the path forward. Colombo is cleaning up and is transforming itself into a successful business centre and attractive tourist destination. Find out underneath what it is you want to do in the Colombo cruise port guide.

Colombo cruise port – fast facts

– There are 2 cruise docks available in the Port of Colombo.
– The main cruise dock is about 1 km away from the historic center of Colombo.
– Taxis are often available at the cruise port.