Copenhagen cruise destination Welcome to the Copenhagen cruise port guide. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It is also Scandinavia’s largest and liveliest city with a population of 550.000. It has repeatedly been recognised as a city with perhaps the best quality of life and this would be no surprise. If you look at Copenhagen from a visitors point of view you can see that this city is very well though out. The Danes have a system that works and they know how to enjoy it. It is balanced. The city also enjoys the status of being one of the world’s most environmental friendly cities. Even the water in the inner harbour is so clean that is is safe to swim in. 36% of all citizens go to work by bicycle and everyday they cycle a combined 1.2 million km. It is a city that has lots to offer. Enjoy the nice atmosphere while visiting one of the 100 museums or admire the old historical buildings combined with the new Danish design. It is a place where art, design and history blend in just perfectly creating the best balance. No wonder the people of Copenhagen are among the happiest in Europe. Find out underneath what it is you want to do in this Cruise Port Guide Copenhagen – Denmark.