Cruise destination FlamWelcome to the Flåm cruise port guide. Flåm might just be that little piece of paradise on earth. Good or bad weather, this port will not fail to amaze. It is a tiny little place where about 450 people live year round. The town exists out of a couple of buildings that gather themselves around the cruise pier and train station and that is basically it. The town of Flåm is not the reason why cruise ships come here so often. The reason they call here is because you will be face to face with the true Norwegian fjords and landscapes. Western Norway is famous for unique and stunning fjords. In this case your ship will need to leave open sea and go into the Sognefjord. With a length of 205 km this is Norway’s largest fjord and 3rd longest in the world. You simply cannot wrap your head around what force was able to create something so immense. Once you arrive in Flåm you are facing your typical Norwegian fjord village: small, isolated but an incredible scenery. This is why you are in Flåm and why you are in Norway. Do not miss this opportunity to explore the Norwegian landscapes and the fjord culture. What makes Flåm even more unique is the fact that one of the most beautiful train rides in the world start in Flåm. Most visitors will therefore choose to take the 1 hour journey up to Myrdal (end station) and take that same train down to Flåm again. Learn more about the train, also known as Flamsbana, in the sections underneath.