Cruise ship at Fuerte Amador cruise port

Welcome to the Fuerte Amador cruise port guide. Fuerte Amador cruise port is the gateway to Panama city. Most often cruise ships that transit the Panama Canal during the day will stay for an overnight in Fuerte Amador. Fuerte Amador is located right in between the southern entrance of the Panama canal and Panama city. Back in the days there used to be 4 islands Isla Naos, Isla Perico, Isla Culebra and Isla Flamenco (where the current tender pier is at). With the creation of the Panama canal the Amador causeway was build. The causeway is completely constructed from materials that became available during the excavation of the Panama Canal. They created a breakwater to keep the Panama Canal entrance from silting up. The causeway now links the islands and the mainland. It is a popular area for upscale shopping and fine dining, while you enjoy the best views of the skyline of Panama. Fuere Amador cruise port is just a few miles away from Panama city. We do highly recommend you to not stay in Fuerte Amador, but to also grab the opportunity to visit Panama’s largest city. Read our Fuerte Amador cruise port guide for all the information you need on docking location, transportation options and much more.