Gibraltar cruise destination - docking information, transportation optionsWelcome to the Gibraltar cruise port guide. Gibraltar is a little piece of old England. 30.000 people live on 6km2 with a 1400 ft high rock on it. This is what makes up iconic Gibraltar. It represents the pillars of Hercules, the entrance to the Mediterranean sea, the key location for commerce and war and the last remaining colony in Europe. So you could imagine it is an important piece of land that is desired by many. Gibraltar is a British overseas territory. Since 1704 this tiny piece of land has been under British rule and if it is up to the British this isn’t going to change any time soon. Britain will never leave it and Spain will never forget. Nowadays is known amongst many as the best holiday destination for the Brits and other nationalities. Gibraltar might be small but there is plenty to see. The nature reserve, airport, moorish castle, light houses, casemates square and tons of locations that tell you the history of Gibraltar. There is something to see and do for everybody.

Gibraltar cruise port fast facts

– Cruise ships dock at Gibraltar’s North Mole.
– The Gibraltar cruise dock is about 1 mile walk from the city center.
– Gibraltar cruise dock offers tourist information and a few tourist shops.
– Taxi’s are available a the cruise dock.