Cruise destination JakartaWelcome to the Tanjung Priok – Jakarta cruise port guide. Tanjung Priok is the sea port that has served Jakarta for the last five centuries. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is situated on the largest of all 17.000 islands: Java. Jakarta is rowdy, busy and perhaps the most intense city of Asia. 11 million people make up the 13th most populous city in the world. It is the economic, cultural and political centre to the islands of Indonesia. A city that displays sheer contrasts. It is where the big business districts meet local poverty. Where Big malls stand next to the traditional Pasar markets of Indonesia. A city that never sleeps and where traffic is the challenge of the day. When you are planning your day ashore in Jakarta be sure to plan you are out of the city before 3 pm as traffic can become incredible chaotic after that. Rely on the opinion of your driver and tour guide when it comes to traffic and timing.