Moorea cruise ship at anchorWelcome to the Moorea cruise port guide. Moorea means “Yellow Lizard, but it also known by the nickname: the Magical island. And it truly feels like it is. The natural beauty of this island is stunning with peak that seem to rise up straight from the ocean. They say Moorea is just the remains of half a volcano, leaving a heart shaped island behind. It is a remote island in the pacific with only 16.000 inhabitants although it is very dependent on Tahiti which is just 17 km away from the island. When your cruise ship approaches the anchor spot it will first need to sail into its beautiful bright lagoon. Than it will approach the bay where it will need to drop anchor. It is amazing to see how your ship will be embraced by the turquoise water and the bay will show its first inside look into what paradise looks like. Whether you are planning on having a perfect day at the beach, explore the lush interior of the island or chasing down dolphins, you will have an amazing time of Moorea. It is simply hard not to. Read all about your cruise tender pier location and transportation options in the Moorea cruise port guide underneath: