Cruise Destination VisbyWelcome to the Visby cruise port guide. Visby is the port of call on the island of Gotland, which is the largest island in the Baltic Sea. It lies approximately 60 miles off the coast of Sweden. The town of Visby counts roughly 24.000 inhabitants and is well known for its historical value as a Hanseatic member in medieval times. Imagine this was one of the most important trading ports in Northern Europe where the pelts from Russia would be traded for fish from Norway or sheets from Belgium. Visby was the spider in the web of this huge trading network called the Hanseatic League, which was the European Union of its time. Today Visby is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site because of its beauty and educational value. This gorgeous historical town is still surrounded by its 3,4 km / 2,1 mile long town wall which encircles many church ruins, lively squares and unique remains of glorious medieval times gone by. Read the Visby cruise port guide underneath to see where your ship will dock or drop anchor.