Warnemunde cruise destinationWelcome to the Warnemunde cruise port guide. Get your all German experience here in this little coastal town of Warnemünde. It is a tiny town of 15.000. It is a suburb of Rostock. Year round it is fishing port and in summertime a seaside resort. When the sun is out this town will transform into one of the busiest areas of the country. The beach will be packed, the streets will be full of life and it becomes paradise in earth. Even if the sun will not show its face you still have nothing to be disappointed about. Warnemünde is the gateway to Rostock and Berlin. Rostock is a beautiful, charming Hanseatic town that used to be one of the most important trading posts on the Baltic during the middle ages. It grew strong and wealthy because of the trade and you can still see witness the wealth of this league today. Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It takes about 3 hours to get to from Warnemünde, but it will be worth your while to get a glimpse of this immense city that offers some of the most unique sites in Europe.