Welcome to the Napier cruise port guide. Napier is the one of the highlights in sunny Hawke’s bay.
Check our Napier cruise port guide underneath to see where the ship is going to dock and what the best way is to get around.

Napier cruise port guide: docked

Cruise ships dock in the seaport of Napier. This is large container port
Walking in prohibited in port. The only way to get out of the port is by your ship’s shore excursion bus or to take the complimentary shuttle bus from the cruise dock to the city center.

Napier’s cruise port is only about 2 km / 1 mile away from the city center and the shuttle bus service from the cruise port to the city will only take a few minutes.

Shuttle bus

There is no walking allowed in the port area, so there are only two ways to get out of Napier’s port: by one of the ship’s shore excursions busses or the shuttle bus.
Most of the times Napier provides a complimentary shuttle bus service from the cruise dock to the city center. There are usually a couple of stops along the way. The main stop is the tourist information center on Marine Parade, which is right in the center of town. This is where you will find the main street, the promenade, local tour operators, tourist information and lots more.

Often the shuttle busses are also able to make a few additional stops. They might be kind enough to make a stop for you at the National Aquarium, the Museum (MTG) and the exit of the port. Check and verify all this information with your cruise line.

Tourist information

Sometimes there might be a representative of the tourist information available at the dock to hand out maps and information, but if there is not you simply hop on the shuttle bus and it will get you straight to their visitors center. This facility offers great information on Napier, but also other ports of call in New Zealand that might be on your itinerary. Alternatively they also have a little shop where you can buy some local products.

Shore excursions

The tourist information, called the Napier i-SITE Visitor Information centre, provides local shore excursions for cruise passengers. If you take the shuttle bus from the cruise dock to the tourist information you can simply walk in, see what they have available for you and book it on the spot. All the cruise tours leave from the tourist information centre.
There are also other local tour operators that you will find around the tourist information that are looking for business as well. Spend some time checking out what is available before you make a decision. There is usually a nice variety of tours available.

Bicycle rental

Napier is a perfect place to get active and enjoy a bike ride. There are few places where you can rent a bike. One of the places is right across the street from the tourist information centre where the shuttle bus will drop you off. Ask for a suggested route so you are sure you are going to see the best when you are and about. Please keep in mind New Zealand drives on the left!

Public transportation

The local bus stop is on Dalton Street in the city center. Find out more information about routes and times on http://trackabus.co.nz/napierhastings/m/where/index?id=1_25002001


There are usually no or perhaps just a couple of taxis at Napier’s tourist information centre. Most people don’t utilise the taxis as a way to tour around because they are simply very expensive.
If you do need one to take you somewhere, than please know the official taxi stand is on Clive Square which is about 3 blocks from where the shuttle bus (tourist information stop) lets you off. Our advice is to check if there are any taxis waiting for you at the shuttle bus stop, if not, ask the tourist information if they would call you one of to point you into the direction of Clive Square where their official taxi stand is.


Finding a proper WiFi connection in Napier will be no problem. The cruise port doesn’t provide any, but the town centre has plenty of free Wifi spots. One of the most convenient places is right but the shuttle bus drop off location. You will see there is a free hotspot available there. Additionally you will also see plenty of cafe’s and restaurants, like the Starbucks across the street from the shuttle bus drop off location, where you are able to get online.

Napier’s boardwalk

The town of Napier has a beach that stretches all the way from the cruise port to the southern parts of town. Along the waterline you will find a beautiful boardwalk with so many things to see and do. Walking it from beginning to get end will take you to the Ocean Spa, Conference Centre, Floral Clock, Tom Parker fountain, Viewing platform, Sound Shell & Colonnade, Tourist information centre, Mini Golf course, the Sunken Gardens, the Reef Garden, a skate board park, playground, Millennium Sculpture and the National Aquarium and Kiwi House.


The beach stretches all the way along the city center of Napier. It is great to have seat somewhere and go people watching, because there is simply so much activity around here. It is not a beach that is very suitable for swimming or water-sports. Most people who want to go for a swim simply visit one of the salt water pools that you will find on the boardwalk next to the beach.