cruise-geiranger-waterfall-walk-2 This is one of the most beautiful cruise destinations in the world. Norway is known for its beautiful fjords, rugged coastline, colorful wooden houses and friendly people. It is one of the richest countries in the world and one of the most breathtaking. If you take a cruise to Norway please know it is quite easy to get around by yourself.

In general there are good facilities in port and town. It is a country that is more than willing to make a good first impression on our cruise guests. Please find general information underneath and click on the links above to learn more about your destinations.


Capital of Norway: Oslo

Language: Norwegian

Number of inhabitants: +/- 5,1 million

Currency: Norwegian Kroner

1 USD = +/- 6.80 NOK

1 EUR = +/- 8.50 NOK

Payment: Euro and USD are sometimes accepted, but creditcard is safe and widely accepted.

Taxis: Norwegian taxis do not have an official color. They are recognizable by their taxi sign. In Norway it is not usual to rent a taxi for number of hours because they are simply to expensive with a average of 700 NOK or 100 USD per hour.

Public Transport: In the larger cities public transportation will be available, but in a lot of the ports of call this will not be. Hop on hop off busses are widely available and especially in the last couple of years they are showing up more and more in the ports of call. The ports and destinations in Norway vary immensly from small fjord villages to large cities, therefore it is very important to check per port what your options on transportation are. Find your destination underneath and find out what is available.