Cruise-Amsterdam-canalsWelcome to the Amsterdam cruise port guide. Amsterdam is a city unlike any other. It is the capital city of the Netherlands and has about 825.000 inhabitants. Amsterdam is a city known for its folklore, tulips and canals, but also has a reputation for its tolerance, people and culture. It enjoys the advantages of the big city, but not too many disadvantages. It is relatively small and good to explore by foot or public transportation. The beautifull canals of Amsterdam are absolutely unique. The Dutch Golden age took place in the 1600’s when the Dutch build a world wide empire. The empire would stretch from the Caribbean to Indonesia, bringing back unknown wealth to their little town. This is the time that the canals were build. Whatever could be brought back oversees would be stacked in these monumental canal houses. Notice how every canal house has 1 of the 6 different top facades. The city centre of Amsterdam is one big reminder of the heyday of this Dutch empire and so much more.

Visiting the canals of Amsterdam is a must on your visit in this city, but there is so much more to see and do in this town. Whether you want to go shopping on the Kalverstraat, wonder behind the bookcase of the world’s most famous writer or take in the atmosphere of this unique city; Amsterdam is your place!