Cruise destination Casablanca, MoroccoWelcome to Casablanca’s cruise port guide. Most travelers associate Casablanca with the Marrakesh Express and the movie Casablanca although the reality is often much different. Most people love Casablanca for everything it is. A big raw city with its busy dirty Medina, the incredible mosque and its true fascinating Islamic heritage. Casablanca is something to prepare for. Most cruise ships visit it in combination with the Canary Islands and compared to this you are stepping into a whole new world. It is different. Different from anything you would expect. You have tons of options on what to see and do and why not fall into this captivating culture by just embracing it. Staying in town is a good option as Casablanca is where you would get a real feel for daily life in Morocco. There are so many neighborhoods to explore that are all different from one another. Take in the culture, the smells, the food and the way of life. Hopefully this is something that you are open to and if you are, you can get carried away in a city like this. The true Morocco is waiting for you here.