Cruise destination Geiranger, NorwayWelcome to the Geiranger cruise port guide. Geiranger is the smallest but most impressive place imaginable. If you are taking a cruise to Norway to see the Norwegian fjords make sure Geiranger is on your itinerary. It simply doesn’t get more impressive than this. The reason why Geiranger is different from your other fjord villages: the towering high waterfalls, the emerald-green scenery and near-sheer fjord walls. The narrow and deep blue Geirangerfjord is the only fjord in Norway that is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. It is a 15 km long branch of the Storfjord and because of its steep sides it considered to be the most spectacular one of all. The village of Geiranger is nothing special. Imagine this is a small place where about 250 people live year round. In the winter it is isolated, cold with hardly any visitors, but in the summer this is perhaps the most popular destination in Scandinavia. The reason you will be visiting Geiranger is not for the town itself, but because of everything and anything you’ll find just outside of Geiranger. There is not a picture that you can take that wouldn’t be postcard worthy. Whether you are visiting the towering Mt. Dalsnibba, or heading the other way towards dramatic Eagle’s bend or just being in the famous Geiranger fjord all day long, it will not fail to amaze. Definitely make sure you do not stay in town, but get yourself on a bus, organise a hike or rent a boat. Whatever you do, make sure you are going out there. When in Geiranger you are in the Norwegian dream.