Ashdod cruise destinationWelcome to the Ashdod cruise port guide. Ashdod is a city known for its harbor. At the moment it has 210.000 inhabitants and it is also known as one of the city’s in Israel with the biggest growth. It is a city with a very long history, although there are only a few monuments and buildings left that tell us about that history. The port where you will dock is the 2nd largest harbor in Israel. Haifa being the largest. From this port they ship the chemicals from the Dead Sea area and also export the famous Jaffa oranges. Ashdod is a modern city, with a nice marina and waterfront for a stroll. It is good for shopping, but that is about it. Make sure you are not missing out and go further afield. Without a doubt the highlight to visit would be Jerusalem. This is just over a 1 hour drive and can be visited in different ways. Exploring Jerusalem is a unique experience and one you simply cannot miss. One day is not enough so therefore a 2nd or 3rd visit to this city will even be worth it. It is such an inspiring place no matter what religion you follow. There are so many pilgrim sights, church towers, monastry’s, mosque’s and synogogs all over the city and this is what makes it basicaly one gigantic open air museum. For the Muslims the city is sacred because according to them this is the place where profit Mohammed went to heaven. For the Christians the city is sacred because it was here that Jezus of Nazareth was crucified. In Judaism Jerusalem has been the holiest city in Judaism and the ancestral and spiritual homeland of the Jewish people. Whatever religion is yours and whatever your believes are, everybody will agree something absolutely unique has happened here over time. You literally step into the footsteps of the most sacred figures in history.