Cruise destination SitkaWelcome to the Sitka cruise port guide. Sitka is a popular port for cruise ships. Sitka sits in the Alexander Archipelago on the Baranof Island. It is situated in a bay which makes for quite convenient temperatures. Most ships are at anchor when visiting Sitka and as soon as you go to the outside deck you already get mesmerised by all the beautiful scenery around you. They say Sitka is the most historic town of Alaska. Inhabited for thousands of years by the native Tlingits, the spot of major battle between Europeans and Native Americans, former capital of Alaska for 40 years and 19th century Russian occupation. These a just a few chapters in the history of Sitka. The city has about 14 miles of road and as soon as you have reached the city borders the vast wilderness starts. Islands, inlets, coves, mountains and rainforest are all around you and are home to Alaskas most well known inhabitants: humpback wales, sea otter, brown bear, black bear and bald eagles. Sitka’s scenery might be one of the most unusual with Mount Edgecumbe, a 3200 foot dormant volcano, dominating the skyline.