Cruise destination FunchalWelcome to the Funchal cruise port guide. The small city of 110.000 inhabitants is the capital city of the beautiful island of Madeira. This destination was even recently chosen as one of the best islands in the world by Tripadvisor. This is a title is holds up to. It is a little bit of Portuguese paradise in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Madeira is known for a lot of things, the travel guides will tell you it is the island of flowers, but it is so much more than that. The unique and rare thing about this destination is that the landscapes are changing every 5 minutes. It is unbelievable what climates and scenery one tiny island like this can hold. In Madeira you’ll find the luxurious mountain slopes, rain forest and treeless moorland all side by side in just a few minutes drive. That makes it a gem to explore and we think this is without doubt something you should take advantage of. The capital is Funchal where the ship is going to dock. Funchal is the perfect spot for a day where you can enjoy the beautiful flower gardens and local traditions. It has everything you could ask for in a destination. Make sure that if you cruising this part of the world Funchal is on your itinerary.

Funchal cruise port – fast facts:

  • There are several cruise docks available in Funchal.
  • Cruise ships dock within walking distance of Funchal city center.
  • There is a cruise terminal with welcome center at the dock.
  • There are plenty of taxis at the cruise dock.
  • There is a hop on hop off bus, but it doesn’t come to the pier.
  • Your cruise line might provide a shuttle service.