Cruise destination Grand Turk by Cruise CrocodileWelcome to the Grand Turk cruise port guide. Grand Turk is the destination if you are looking to relax, enjoy the beach and sit back. Grand Turk is the largest island of the Turks and Caiscos islands. Still, the island is quite small with 18 km2 and only about 3700 inhabitants. You’ll find the capital Cockburn town on it which is not to far from the cruise port. Cockburn town is a bit of a sleepy town that is not all that interested in tourism. Grand Turk is not the most cultural or historical significant destination the world has to offer, than again it is that beach paradise where you can enjoy your all round shopping experience, have your cocktails on the beach, enjoy some water sports or simply dip in at Margarita ville. It doesn’t get more typical Caribbean than this.