Welcome to the Nuku Hiva cruise port guide. Nuku Hiva is part of the Marquesas Islands which could be considered as one of the most remote places on earth. Since you most likely will have a lot of seadays before you reach the islands you might also experience this is the far end of the earth. Nuku Hiva is one of the two bigger islands of the Marquesas islands. The island is known for its intense and dramatic landscape. You will see green mountainous peaks, secluded bays and untouched nature. This cruise destination has a unique culture due to its isolated position in the world. There are not many influences from outside that have altered the way of life on the island. There are incredible woodcarving techniques, unheard languages and intricate historical sites that are unique to this part of the world. When your ship arrives in the bay of Taiohae you know you are in for a special experience. Your cruise ship most likely doubles the population of Nuku Hiva for a day. Once you set foot on land in this tender port you will be greeted by the friendly locals who will do everything they can to give you a warm welcome and show you the good part of their island life style. Nuku Hiva as a port of call on your cruise vacation is different from any other ports of call. Read the Nuku Hiva cruise port guide to get an idea about what you can see and do here in this port of call.

Nuku Hiva cruise port – fast facts:
– Nuku Hiva is a cruise tender port
– The tender dock is right in the center of Taiohae
– There a cruise center at the pier with small restaurants, tourist information and souvenir shops.
– Public Transportation is very limited in this port of call
– Not many taxis around.