Ulvik-Cruise-CrocodileWelcome to the Ulvik cruise port guide. Ulvik is a small village with just over one thousand inhabitants. It lies hidden at the end of the Hardangerfjord, also known as the Queen of the fjords. The cruise ship leave open sea and will sail land inwards for about 6 hours before they reach this port. Along the way you will be stunned by the beautiful landscapes that will come by the ship. The town of Ulvik is small. Most of its income is based on tourism, fishing and fruit. Especially this last one is what makes Ulvik a unique destination. It is nicknamed the orchard of Norway because of its cherry, pears, plum and apple production. In May the fruit blossoms start, which will make it a spectacular scenic spot. June to until October is when the locals harvest the sweet fruit and produce their famous local specialities of which the most well known is the cider. There are lots of things you can do around Ulvik. Find your options below.