Cruise destination MalagaWelcome to the Malaga cruise port guide. Malaga is the 6th largest city of Spain with 570.000 inhabitants. This sunny town is by right called the centre of the Costa del Sol and it is one of the most interesting towns in southern Spain. Malaga is like an onion. It you would peel of the layers of the city a new part of history would reveal itself. Malaga was founded about 3000 years ago. The Phoenicians, the Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and the Moorish would all conquer the city at one point or another. Many clues about this are still visible in the city today. Even if you are not interested history Malaga is still the perfect spot to spend the day. It has that perfect combination of beach, sun, shopping, cultural and history. Whatever your interests are you will never find Malaga disappointing. Check out the Malaga cruise port guide underneath for practical information and tips.