Cruise-Port-Blair-India-Aberdeen-bazaarWelcome to the Cruise Port Guide – Port Blair. With just a 100.000 inhabitants Port Blair is still the largest city we can find on the Andaman and Nicobar islands. This archipelago forms an union territory of India in the middle of the Indian Ocean in the southern reaches of the Bay of Bengal nearh Thailand. It’s a collection of 572 islands of which 38 are inhabited. The Andaman and Nicobar islands are a rare destination and not many people get to visit it. You will find it in such a remote part of the world that is often overlooked. Nevertheless what you will find on these islands is definitly not Indian, but a whole identity on its own. Known for its birds, beaches and scenery. Nowadays the city of Port Blair is a clean, organised and easy town, but lets not forget the history behind this settlement. When back in the days these islands were chosen by the British is the island to send hundreds of freedom fighters. Away from the rest of the world these men were imprisoned in the Cellular jail and other places. When you ar there, make sure to visit a couple of the places to get acquinted with the history that was so important in shaping the modern world. Whatever your interest is Port Blair can offer scenery, history and wildlife. Plan your day ahead to make into one you wont forget any time soon or have an easy day in town.