Cruise-Surabaya-Majapahit-hotelWelcome to the Surabaya cruise port guide. Surabaya is a city of 2.4 million inhabitants. That makes it the 2nd largest city in Indonesia. You could basically say Surabaya is Indonesia in a nutshell. In the 8 centuries that Surabaya exists it has seen empires come and go and that makes it a cultural melting pot. Even today you can still find the traditional ethnic neighbourhoods like the Arab quarter, the Dutch old town and China town. In recent history Surabaya is often to the birth of Indonesia, because it was here that the battle for independence began. They often call Surabaya the city of heroes because of this. The truth is it is a big business driver city, a true example of Indonesia and a gem to explore. It is an easy town to navigate yourself, wether you are doing it by public transport, tuk-tuk, taxi, excursion or whatever you had in mind. Read the information underneath to be fully prepared.