Mumbai cruise destinationWelcome to the Mumbai cruise port guide. Mumbai is one of the most hectic and craziest cities you could ever be in. It is raw, loud and polluted. Whatever senses go off in your head, that feeling doesn’t go away. Mumbai is not something to see, it is something to experience. The most fascinating realisation is how Mumbai works. The city is situated on roughly 233 sq miles and on this tiny area there are 12,5 million people living on it. That is almost 54000 people per square mile. How do these people make it work? How is transportation even possible in this chaos. How can anything be origanized in the mess? Well, it works and this is simply something you cannot wrap your head around. Mumbai takes you away on a ride you will never forget, whether you are going to be enchanted by the the traffic, going into the safe zones of the museums or going full on for Mumbai’s markets. Set aside your standard of hygiene, your preference for peace and quite and open your arms for Mumbai!