Cruise Destination Port KlangWelcome to the Cruise Port Guide Port Klang – Malaysia. Port Klang is the gateway to Kuala Lumpur. It is the port that is closest to this magnificent city. Kuala Lumpur is a city with 1,6 million inhabitants and it is Southeast Asia’s youngest capital. It developed far beyond recognition in the last few decades. 2 centuries ago tin miners hacked a base out of the jungle and not this metropole is here to stay. It is a city with a remarkable cultural diversity. Each ethnic group leaves their permanent mark on Kuala Lumpur. They shape the city and amazing traditions we find here. The city of Kuala Lumpur is basically one gigantic melting pot you simply have the explore. Kuala Lumpur is about 60 km away from Port Klang and the nearest city to Port Klang is Klang. Klang is a rather small city that has limited sights to offer. Therefore we recommend you to get yourself on a shore excursion or in a taxi to avoid being stuck at the cruise terminal. Find out how to get to Kuala Lumper and further afield in the Port Klang cruise port guide.

Port Klang cruise port – fast facts

– Port Klang is the closest cruise port to Kuala Lumpur

– Cruise ships dock at the Port Klang Cruise Centre

– Kuala Lumpur is 60 km from the Port Klang cruise port

– There is a very useful taxi information desk at the cruise terminal