Cruise Crocodile KetchikanWelcome to the Ketchikan cruise port guide. Ketchikan is the salmon capital of the world and the 4th wettest place on earth, famous for its working girls, totem poles and Misty Fjords. Originally Ketchikan was founded in 1885 when canning salmon would become their main industry. The remains from that time can still be found at Creek Street, which is perhaps the most picturesque street in southeast Alaska. When visiting Ketchikan you’d better not wait for the rain to stop. It rains 300 days a year in Ketchikan. All together it enjoys a rainfall of over 200 inches each year. The locals in this 4th wettest place on earth describe this as the liquid sunshine! Ketchikan is the port of call in Alaska that offers the best information on totem poles and the Tongass National Forest. But this is not where it stops for this town. You have the option to go hiking, kayaking, see the salmon spawn in the creek and so much more. Find out underneath what there is to do in beautiful Ketchikan.