Cruise destination EidfjordWelcome to the Eidfjord cruise port guide. Eidfjord is a little town in the western part of Norway. It has a population of almost a 1000 people that are depending on the income of tourism, hydro-electric power and fishing. It is situated in a unique environment in the middle of the Norwegian fjords. It is the perfect place for hikes or to get yourself on a bus to visit the Hardangervidda National Park. Your ship will have to leave open sea and sail into the famous fjords of Western Norway. The ship will sail into the Hardangerfjord for a couple of hours. This fjord is the 4th longest fjord in the world and 2nd longest fjord in Norway. After a couple of hours your ship will go into the Eidfjord, which is a branch of the Hardangerfjord. From here it only takes approximalty 1,5 hour to arrive in Eidfjord town. Make sure not to miss this part of the journey. One you have arrived you will notice you are in the middle of the famous fjord area and that time moves at different speeds in serene places like this. Eidfjord is very small, so you could imagine that there are limited things to do in town. We definitly recommend to leave town and go explore Norway nature at its best. The reason that ships go to Eidfjord is not because of the town itself, but because they want to give you that fjord experience and because it is the gateway to the Hardangervidda National Park, the largest national park of Norway famous for its Alpine climate mountain plateau. Find out underneath what it is you want to do in this Cruise Port Guide Eidfjord – Norway.