Cruise destination Tromso Welcome to the Tromsø Cruise Port Guide. We find Tromsø 69° N, which means it lies well within the Arctic circle. About one third of Norway is part of the Arctic and Tromsø is the largest city of the North with 71.000 inhabitants. You will find this is a city like any other although there is something very unusual about it. Imagine being a citizen of Tromsø. Living here in winter and summer time means you will have to cope with more than just everyday life. In the winter the sun will not come up for several months and in the summer visa versa. In the wintertime you can enjoy the aurora borealis during lunchtime on almost any clear day while fighting depression and in the summer you can enjoy the sun at any given moment causing lots of citizens to cope with sleep deprivation. But aside from these unusual conditions high up in the north Tromsø has established itself internationally as the gateway to the Arctic. It is the main starting point for Polar Expeditions. Trams is also where we find the northernmost university and thus making Tromsø home to about 100 nationalities. It is the cultural centre of the region, home to the midnight sun and polar nights and something you simply have to experience once in your life.

Cruise Port Guide Tromsø – Norway: docked

There are 2 possible docking spots: Prostneset and Breivika. Check the following to find out your ships docking location:

Cruise dock: Prostneset dock, quay 1 and 7

This where the smaller ships dock. Count yourself lucky if you dock here because it is right in the city centre. From here you have a beautiful view over the city centre and you will find it is quite easy to navigate on foot. The tourist information is right around the corner. Please find the Prostneset dock on the map above.

Cruise dock: Breivika docks, quay 24 and 25

This is where most ships will have to dock. These docks are about 5 km away from the city centre. Usually the cruise ships offer a shuttle service to the city centre that stops at the Tourist Information centre in town. Check this information with your cruise line. As an alternative to the ships shuttle: there is also public transportation available near the dock. Taxis are not readily available at the dock and if you require one it is wise to book it ahead of time.

Public Transport at Tromsø cruise terminal

The public transport system in Tromsø is brilliant. You pay the driver +/- 35 kr cash for a ticket or prebuy it a little bit cheaper in a kiosk (like 7-Eleven). To get from the Breivika dock you can take bus 42 to the city centre. From here you can explore the city centre by foot or go further afield with another bus to: the cable car, the Arctic cathedral, Tromso museum, Defence museum or Folkeparken open air museum. Please find the bus numbers underneath: From city centre to Breivika dock (cruise dock): bus 42 From city centre to Arctic Cathedral: bus 20 or 24 From city centre to Cable car: bus 26 From city centre to Defence museum: bus 28 From city centre to Folkeparken Open Air Museum: bus 34 or 37 From city centre to Tromso museum: 37 From city centre to Botanical garden or Science centre of Northern Norway: bus 20 (although from Breivika it is only a 15 minute uphill walk) Remember you can pay a ticket on the bus with the driver or pretty it at a kiosk. Most public transportation is wheelchair accessible.

The Arctic train

The only sightseeing tour available in Tromso is the Arctic Train. This trolley train gives a 35 minute tour through the city, leaves on the hour from the Storgata at H&M.