Cruise port destination Marmagoa - IndiaWelcome to the Cruise Port Guide Goa – India. The cruise port of Goa lies in Mormugao. This small town lies in the state of Goa which is India’s smallest state. It is a famous destination best known for its beaches, Portuguese history and hippies! Goa has a great climate, beautiful hills and a strong history which makes it completely different from the rest of India. In 1510 Alfonso Albuquerque’s fleet arrived on the shores of Goa. He identified Goa as the perfect base for the expansion of his maritime empire. In the next 150 years Portugal would blossom, build an empire, claim the power and spread christianity. The Portuguese build over 300 churches which still stand today. These buildings stand witness to the 451 years that the Portugese would have control on this part of India.