Bryggen in cruise destination BergenWelcome to the Bergen cruise port guide. Bergen is the 2nd largest city of Norway with 280.000 inhabitants. It is a city build on 7 hills, just like other great cities like Lisbon, Rome, Athens and Istanbul. It is a very important city for Norway, because it is the national centre for higher education, tourism and finance. When you walk though the city centre of Bergen you will notice that there is a story to tell on every single street corner. Hear about the fires that destroyed the city centre, about the role Bergen played in the succesful Hanseatic League and the name it had as an international recognized trading city that made it famous throughout Europe. During the middle ages Bergen was the most important city in Norway. It was the largest city, home of the Norwegian king and a town that had mayor trading privileges compared to the rest of the country. Therefore until the 1830’s it was the most important and populous city of Norway until Oslo would finally surpass them.

In the city of Bergen you have lots of options on what to see and do, whatever your interest is. Go hiking in the mountains, enjoy the scenery from Mount Floyen, visit the art museums in town or learn about Bergen’s vibrant history.  Find out underneath what it is you can see and do in the Bergen Cruise Port Guide.

Bergen cruise port – fast fact

– Cruise ships usually dock about 1 km or half a mile away from the city center.
– The city center of Bergen is easily explored by foot.
– Public busses are available at the cruise dock. Pay with card to the driver.
– There is a hop on hop off bus in Bergen.