Cruise Destination JuneauWelcome to the Juneau cruise port guide. Juneau is the smallest state capital of the largest state of the United States: Alaska. It is the gateway to the glaciers, wildlife and nature. Perhaps it’s even the best port of call in Southeast Alaska. The town is surrounded by the inter coastal waterways, by the Tongas National Rain Forest and the glaciers from the Juneau ice field. It is also know as cultural and transportation hub and this makes it the heart of Southeast Alaska. Back in the days Juneau was called Dzantik’i Heeni (meaning Base of the Flounder’s river). When in 1880 Richard Harris and Joe Juneau found gold at the mouth of the Gold Creek, the rush was on. Soon miners, saloons and missionaries would create the community of Harrisburg that would later be recalled Juneau. According to local legend ofter Joe Juneau bought a few rounds the night before the vote. In 60 years Juneau would export 150 million worth of gold, that would be 7 billion US dollar today. Wether you are looking for wildlife, art, culture or scenery it is all within reach from this port of call. Find out underneath what there is to see and do in Juneau.