Muscat-cruiseWelcome to the Muscat Cruise Port Guide. Muscat is the capital city of Oman with about 3.1 million inhabitants. It is a forward-thinking, progressive city much loved by its citizens. It truly is a fascinating place and a destination on its own. It simply is the gem of the Middle East. The people are friendly and more than willing to show their great country. You’ll find that the city is developing. Slowly on high-rise blocks are established which still manage to keep a Arabic character. Even the most functional buildings require to reflect tradition with a dome or an arabesque window for example. It is an incredibly clean, safe and calm city. You’ll see that there is hardly any street noise. People go about their day in this busy city without you feeling you are in a city of 3,1 million. Sultan Qaboos is responsible for all changes that have been made for the better here in the last decades. You name it, he is it: sultan, prime minister, minister of finance, minister of foreign affairs etc. When he came to rule in 1970 he started the “Renaissance for Oman” also known as the Age of enlightenment. He completely transformed this medieval country into a prosperous world economy. Oman is a country to look out for. It is changing fast, without losing it’s charm or heritage. It is one of those places that will be overthrown by tourist in about 20 years. So enjoy the Muscat and Oman in its full glory while you can. Read the full Muscat cruise port guide for all the details

Muscat cruise port – fast facts

– Cruise ships dock in Muscat.
– Walking in port is strictly prohibited.
– Cruise port is about 1,2 mile from center of town (Muttrah).
– There is a hop on hop off bus.
– Plenty of official taxis available for tours or short rides.