Oslo cruise destinationWelcome to the Oslo cruise port guide. Oslo is the capital city and most populous city in Norway with just over 600.000 inhabitants. The Norwegians classify a town of over 30.000 inhabitant to be a city. Bergen being their 2nd largest city with 260.000 inhabitants. So you could imagine that Oslo is something different to the Norwegians. They often call it their only city and this is how everybody like it. Most Norwegians would never dare to come to the big cities but there is always that crowd that embraces that with open arms. When walking in Oslo you can see that everything is so well thought out. The way that the city is with its main street Karl Johan, pedestrian area, with it’s ambiance and architecture. And what you’ll also notice is that it is changing. There are so many cranes you will be able to spot on the horizon if you take a look from your ship. The waterfront is changing, the architecture is changing and the traffic is changing. Oslo is really classifying itself as the metropol it deserves to be. Go out and take in all that city life. There is always something new to explore in vibrant Oslo.