Salalah cruise destinationWelcome to the Salalah cruise port guide. If you want to go to the true middle east you will find a very nice example in Salalah. Salalah is the 2nd biggest city of Oman with a little over 200.000 inhabitants. It has that great combination of the traditional Omani heritage and an international lifestyle. Salalah is also known as the “perfume capital of Arabia”, because the Frankincense produced here is the finest in the world. The city centre of Salalah is quite nice, although not as nice as capital city Muscat. You’d might be especially interested in the surrounding area’s of Salalah. Think of the city as a true look into Arabia without all the fairytales around it. As soon as you step out of the city you are surrounded by majestic mountains, a vast desert and there truly is a lot to do in this area. Find some suggestions underneath. Oman and Salalah are a suprise to many and for many this is an eye opening experience. Many wouldn’t think the middle east can be so friendly and so incredibly safe. But as you will drive the clean and quite streets of Salalah you can figure out that this is country that has things figured out. Watch Oman closely as this might just be the next up and coming country.