Cruise-Civitavecchia-BoulevardWelcome to the Civitavecchia cruise port guide. Civitavecchia is the cruise gateway to the incredible city of Rome. Civitavecchia is a small town of about 50.000 on the coast of Italy. From here you are about 80 km / 1,5 hours drive from Rome which many consider to be the best destination in Europe. Civitavecchia is not the most exciting town to visit. You’ll find your local market, the cathedral and fort Michelangelo here, but that is about it. If you want an easy day in port it is a nice spot to hang around, but most people will chose to go to Rome. Rome’s history spans more than 2500 years to the time Romulus and Remus fought each other to be King of this new town they established. Since then it has been the capital of the mighty Roman Empire, part of the Papal states and later it would become the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. Its significance in history already tells us this city is a gem to explore. There is history to be found on every single street corner. The sites will tell you about the birthplace of the western civilizations, the birth of the capital of the Catholic church, the greatest empire to rule the European continent and much more. Read our Civitavecchia cruise port guide underneath for all the info you need when visiting this port of call.