Cruise Destination DubaiWelcome to the Dubai cruise port guide. Dubai is that tiny emirate with 2,1 million inhabitants and without doubt this is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. An army of men is working around the clock to build the city that the whole world will look up to. 40 years ago Dubai was barely a small village in the middle of the desert. It was located in one of the hottest and inhospitable places on earth and little known as a simple trading post in the Arabian Gulf. And than they found oil… Today it is a metropolis, oasis in the desert and a concrete jungle with hundreds of skyscrapers. Luxury has a different meaning in Dubia and you about to discover how far this can go. This city of many faces can be modern and deeply traditional, but also extravagant with strict rules. Only about 17% of the inhabitants of Dubai are Emirati. The rest is either expat or a hard worker from India. All of this gives the city of Dubai a unique flavour and a atmosphere that is not met anywhere else in the world.