Cruise destination CochinWelcome to the Cochin Cruise Port Guide. Cochin, also known as Kochi, is with over 600.000 inhabitants the largest city of the state. It is part of the Ernakulam district and the state of Kerala. It has a very vibrant atmosphere unlike any other town in India. This old maritime town has been influenced by so many cultures that is shows in the architecture and daily life. The Arab and Chinese traders have been here since the beginning of the common era. They could find a source of pepper, cinnamon, cloves and sandal wood here. Kochi was blooming on the Monsoon Market place. The Chinese were here in the 14th century and left their marks in ways we can even still see today. Even the name of the city means “like-China”. The Arabians were definitely dominating the trade here. Bringing the much desired products to Europe. But then the Europeans decided it was time to cut out the middle man and start the search for these spices themselves. In 1498 it was the Portuguese under the command of Vasco da Gama to arrive in India. Cochin was one of the first stops in this new found spice world and there were no plans of leaving anytime soon. This is the spot in India where the Portuguese made their first trading post and it still stands in the city today. The history of this place might be quite interesting, but don’t forget you have some really nice scenery in the area is well. Particularly the Kerala backwaters are known for their cultural value and scenery.