Cruise Port Guide HonningsvagWelcome to the Honningsvag cruise port guide. Honningsvag is a small town of 2600 inhabitants in one of the remotest corners in the world. It lies 71 degrees north on the island of Magerøya. Magerøya means “barren island” and this is exactly what it is. When you are in Honningsvag you are in the most northern part of Finnmark in the famous Lapland region. Be amazed by the landscapes you are going to encounter here. This is the land of barren coastlines with icy cold winters, the midnight sun and northern lights. Imagine you would live here in the winter time in such a small inaccessible place with a small community surrounding you. It would only be a blessing when summer time comes and even then most visitors consider the summer conditions below acceptable. You don’t choose to go to Honningsvag to enjoy the good weather. You go because you want to experience this environment. See how the Sami people live, what the wind and ice can do to a landscape and more importantly: you want to stand at the egde of the world. The North Cape is just a short ride away from the cruise port of Honningsvag and it is something you simply have to check off your travel resume. Check out our Honningsvag cruise port guide underneath for all the information on docking location and transportation options!