Cruise destination Molde Welcome to the Molde cruise port guide. Molde is a small town of 26.000 in Norway. It is beautifully located in the Romsdalfjord. It is one of the oldest ports in Norway because of its dramatic scenery. Cruise ships have been coming here since 1882. The town of Molde has a nickname: the town of roses. It is quite a modern city. Mode was bombed during WWII and has rebuild its town mainly in contemporary and Art Nouveau style. There is part of the old town that remains however. Therefore walking through Molde is like walking through the centuries while enjoying the beautiful display of roses. Although today the editors of wouldn’t consider it to be the best port of Norway it is nice to have on the itinerary. People often choose to stay in town and visit the open air museum and the church or if you would favour some more dramatic scenery this would be the port to go and visit the famous Atlantic Ocean Road.