Cruise-Crocodile-Kusadasi-EphesusWelcome to the Kuşadası cruise port guide. You will find Kuşadası in between the rolling hills of Turkey and clear blue sea. It represents one of the nicest areas of the country. The town is well developed, has great facilities, yet its not spoiled by the big resorts. Kuşadası is easy to explore by foot, but just be prepared: This is all about shopping. Kuşadası has quite the reputation for its Turkish carpets, custom made leather jackets and genuine fake watches. Basically the whole town is one gigantic bazaar and souvenir market. Find all kind of souvenirs and clothing shops around here. It might not always be the best quality, but the price will always make up for it. Aside from shopping Kuşadası is also the stepping stone to the world famous sights of Ephesus, Didyma and many more. Therefore we highly recommend to start in the early, cool morning to visit the historic sights and save your afternoon for shopping and refreshments in town.