Sailing in and out of Lisbon with your cruise ship is something special. Make sure you are on the outside deck the last hour before arrival and/or for the first hour after departure. Your ship will leave open sea and sail up the Tagus river. From the ship you will be able to overlook the different neighbourhoods and city centre of Lisbon. See the map below check your route on the Tagus river and what there is to see along the way.

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A: Belém Tower
The first thing you will see when sailing up the river is the the Belém tower. This fortified tower is an UNESCO world heritage site because of the significant role it played in the Portuguese Age of Discoveries. The tower sits on a small island in front of the shore and is connected to the mainland by bridge. Today it is a museum where you can learn all about Lisbon’s history.

B: Jeronimos monastery
This site is also a UNESCO world heritage site. It considered to be one of the main highlights of Lisbon. At the monastery you will find the famous maritime museum and church where you will find the grave of Vasco da Gama.

C: Monument of Discoveries
This marked the spot where the ships would leave to explore and trade with India and the far of East. This 52 meter tall building is a monument commemorating Henry the Navigators 500th birthday. He stand tall with all the other historical figures from the age of the discoveries on the front of the monument. You can visit the museum and viewing platform.

D: Belém Palace
It has been the official residence of the Portuguese royals.

E: Old electricity building
On the shore you will see a red brick building with 4 pipes on top. This is the old electricity building which is now the Museum of electricity.

F: 25 Abril brigde
This is the first eye-catcher of Lisbon and your ship will sail underneath it. Although the bridge was build in 1966, it was named after the Carnation revolution in 1974. The suspension bridge connects Lisbon with Almada. It’s total length is 2277 meters / 7514 feet. It was build in 1966 by the American Bridge Company which did constructed the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, but not the Golden Gate bridge that is resembles. The upper platform carries six car lanes, and the lower platform carries two train tracks.

G: Cristo Rei
Overlooking the city is Lisbon is Cristo Rei. The statue is a Catholic monument and shrine dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. It was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The project was inaugurated on May 17th 1959. The giant statue in cement was erected to symbolize the gratitude the Portuguese were spared the affects of World War.

H: Cruise pier: Doca de Alcantara
Close to the bridge is where you find Doca de Alcantara, one of the cruise terminals in Lisbon. The dock is sometimes still used by cruise ships although most ships will dock further up the river. If you have visited Lisbon by cruise ship before you might have been docked here.

I: Praça do Comércio
This square is still commonly known as Palace square, because the Royal palace was located here until it was destroyed by the great 1755 earthquake. After the earthquake, the square was completely remodelled. The square was named Praça do Comércio, to indicate its new function in the economy of Lisbon.

J: Baixa district
The heart of the city is the Baixa area. It is an elegant district, primarily constructed after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. The earthquake distroyed 85% of the city and 60 to 90.000 people died during this disaster.
Following the earthquake Pombal took the lead in rebuilding Lisbon, imposing strict conditions and guidelines on the construction of the city and transforming the organic street plan into its current grid pattern.

K: São Jorge Castle
Lisbon is build on seven hills. On the highest hill you will spot the São Jorge Castle. This Moorish castle is most likely the oldest building in Lisbon that has withstood the test of time. You can visit the castle to learn more about Lisbon’s history and enjoy panoramic views over the city.

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Belem tower


Jeronimos monastery


Monument of the discoveries


Skyline Lisbon with 25 abril bridge


Praca do Commercio