Add listing

What do I select at Item Categories?

Select what type of business you are adding. Shop, restaurant, museum? Which category does it fall under? Selecting an option here will give the item the right icon and will make it easier for visitors to find you. 

What do I select at Item Locations?

This is where you select in which port your item is located. Selecting a location will ensure your item will be visible in this specific port guide. 

What do I select at Item Image?

At Item Image you will have the oppurtunity to add a image of your item. Simply select an image from your library or upload one. 

The image you select will be shown as the featured image of the item and in the pop up of the port guide maps.

What is Item optiona - General for?

At the Item options - General you are able to set the location of the item. Fill in the adress to set the location. If your adress is not found by google you can also fill in the latitude and longitude to set the location. 

The map displayed in your items page is automatically the standard google maps. If you prefer to set the Google Streetview option, simply turn it on. 

What does Revolution Slider Options do?

At the moment you are only able to set this feature to "default". However if you feel it would be added value to display a slider instead of the google maps feature your are welcome to contact the administrator to have one set up for you. 

What is the function of the Item Options - subtitle?

Whatever your add here will be shown directly under the page title. Simply write one sentence that will make visitors want to read more!