Ride to Petra
The 2 hour ride to Petra is absolutely amazing. You are going to get acquainted with the fabulous landscapes Jordan has to offer. You will pass Wadi Rum and later drive by this amazing mountain range.

Visitors centre Petra
The visitors centre is the start of your journey through Petra. Here you get your tickets and map. From here you start your hike. Facilities at the visitors centre are: information desk, exhibition hall, ticket office, toilets and tour guide office.

Petra: The Siq
This was and still is the entrance to the city of Petra. Perhaps it is even the most impressive entrance in the world. There is one way in and one way out and back in the days this would ensure that nobody could come in unnoticed. We would highly recommend you to walk through the Siq with a guide to explain you about all the hidden secrets you can find in the Siq. It is just under a km long and at the very end you will catch your first sight of the Treasury.

Petra: The Treasury
This is the famous picture of Petra and one of the most recognisable structures in the world. The treasury is about 2 km walk from the visitors centre on unpaved slightly downhill road. You will be walking for 1 km through the valley and about 1 km through the Siq to reach it. Included in your ticket is also the journey from the visitors centre to the treasury one horse back. Your guide will expect a tip though. For an additional fee you can also travel from the visitors centre to the Treasure by horse and carriage.

Petra: The Monastery
How big is Petra? At the very end you will find the Monastery. From the visitors centre this is at least 1,5 hour walk of which the last half hour are climbing 800 steps. Some people are up for the challenge and it will be worth it. Enjoy a nice coffee here at the most quite spot of Petra.

The camels of Petra
You can take horse or horse and carriage from the visitors to the treasury, but from here you can continue by foot, donkey or camel. Why not get a great souvenir picture with one of these colorful camels. You will find them all over the place.


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