Muscat-cruiseOman is a fabulous land full of surprises and a splendid example of original Arabia. This is the country of Sinbad the Saylor, natural beauty with vast desserts, beautifull mountains and gorgeous coastlines. It is the country with great heritage that shows on every corner and every face. Oman gained a lot from oil production. They produce about 0,95% of the world production. But if oil is running out than what will Oman be in a life after oil?

Sultan Qaboos is the countries Sultan since 1970. He is the only person that can do anything about anything. The people refer to his reign as the Renaissance: age of enlightment. He truly took this country to the next level and brought it into the new age. In his vision for the future the focus will not just be on modern technology, but also on tourism. Therefore Oman will be the up and coming new tourist destination.


Capital of Oman: Muscat

Language: Omani Arabic

Number of inhabitants: +/-4 million inhabitants

Currency: Omani Rial

1 USD = +/- 0.38 OMR

1 EUR = +/- 0.47 OMR

Payment: Creditcard is widely accepted. US dollars and Euro are widely accepted in souks and by taxi drivers.

Taxis: Recognize official taxis by their white and orange color. They do not have a meter and therefore a tough negotiation is sometimes required. Public transport: is available, but this usually not the way to go. Check out more detailed information on your ports of call by visiting our Salalah or Muscat cruise port guide. Click on one of these 2 options underneath. 

Salalah or Muscat