Curious to see what the crew is up to behind the scenes?

Curious to see what the crew is up to behind the scenes?
On board

Check out these instagram posts!

Instagram is hot! It is a great way to follow what everybody is up to around the world. Nowadays staff of the greatest cruise ships in the world, sailing the 7 seas, are posting away about their life on board!
Captains, waiters, entertainers and cruise directors have their own instagram account giving us a glimpse of their daily life on the ship. Here are some of the best accounts and posts we would like to share with you:

Captain Kate McCue

Instagram account: Captainkatemccue
Celebrity Cruises Captain Kate McCue is rocking her instagram account and I consider her queen of the Insta cruise content! Being in a man’s world she shows her take in it! Loving her instagram account, posts and the sneak peaks she gives in her marvellous world of cats, mermaids and cruise ships.

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Going out in a Blazer of glory! . 🔊 . On the last day of the decade, we had the esteemed privilege to be the final ship that Captain Stephen Rivera Diaz piloted, as he retires after 25 years of service with the San Juan pilots! What a honor to be part of this amazing man's journey! We will miss you!!! (but hope to "sea" you on a cruise soon!) Wishing you fair winds and following seas, always! . 🇵🇷 #goingoutinstyle #blazerofglory #awildride #thankyou #25yearsofservice #sanjuanpilots #harborpilot #retirement #goodluck #livingontheedge #sunset #lifeintheSeaSuite #seastheday #celebrityedge @celebritycruises #life #sea #cruise #sail #captain #beyondborders #wonderawaits #celebritycruises #caribbean @celebrityedge

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Chris Wong

Instagram account: Chris Wong
This Royal Caribbean cruise ship crew member is actually not on this list because of his famous Instagram account. Obviously you can follow him here, but did you know he is already hitting 10.000 followers on Youtube. His channel is a hit on the internet. He basically answers any question you might have about working on board. What does his cabin look like? How many hours does he work a day? How much does he earns?

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Is this Las Vegas or a cruise ship? 🛳

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Dancer Emily Franziska Tashjian

Instagram account: emily_tash
Always wondered what a life at sea as professional dancer would be like? Follow emily_tash and she will give you an understanding of the glamour life she is living on board. She posts about her life onboard Princess cruises. The vide on the ship, her daytrips, crew life and all that good stuff!

Cruise Director Eddy Jenkins

Instagram account: jenkins.eddy
Cruise director Eddy must have the funniest instagram account out there. Not only does the capture his crew life through the lens, but he is also known for posting hilarious fake bio’s on all of his Celebrity cruises.

Gymnast Sydney Brown

Instagram account: syndeybrown_xo
She is a gymnast working on cruise ships with over 161.000 followers. She’s not shy to show her incredible lifestyle on board cruise ships. Different port, different post everyday! Living the dream!

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work & play 💙 #royalcrewlife

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Dancer Deborah Borgia

Instagram account: Iamdeborahborgia
Another dancer on the list! This time from MSC cruises. She is posting great videos and photos on what they are up to on the ships and where they are at!

Seafarer Lucy S. Fernandes

Instagram account: lucyfdes7
Seafarer Lucy sails with Azamara cruises. She upkeeps her Instagram account with pictures of her travels and life on board.

Cruise staff Marcos Caetano

Instagram account: Marcosvcaetano
Cruise staff must be represented in this list ofcourse! Give it up for Marcos who works on MSC. Living his best life as he states in his profile and open to share some of his life with you.

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Uma lagartixa voadora #mscseaview #msccruzeiros

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